About Amy

Amy in RomeHello World! My name is Amy, and I am a junior double majoring in astrophysics and German at the University of Oklahoma. In my life I have already had the privilege of traveling to countries in Asia, Europe, South and Central America, and the Caribbean. Through OU, I have already studied abroad twice: for a semester in Graz, Austria and for a summer in Kyoto, Japan. I love photography, learning foreign languages, and drawing; whenever possible, I will include my own artwork in my posts.

I can’t wait to study and experience as many foreign cultures as I can–which is why I have this blog! I’ll also be posting articles and videos about learning foreign languages and about traveling, since it is my goal to become a polyglot.

As a member of the Global Engagement Fellowship Program at OU, I look forward to traveling as much as possible over my college career.  But I am also so excited about the opportunity to meet other students as passionate as I am about the global community.  By connecting with other students, I can get a glimpse of far more countries and cultures than I would ever be able to travel to personally in the next four years. Together we can grow in awareness while forging tight-knit relationships at OU, becoming an internationally involved and educated group of students here on campus.

I hope that you enjoy this chronicle of my adventures around the world!

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