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MLLL Inter-Language Soccer Game

MLLL Inter-Language Soccer Game

It’s not often that students majoring in different languages can organize a single activity that appeals to everyone, but the MLLL department’s soccer game certainly accomplished this.  And it shouldn’t be surprising that the students got so involved in the game, since Germany, France, Spain, and Italy are famous for their national dedication to soccer.

Because German had by far the most students, the other three languages combined into one team for the game.  The players ranged from people who, like me, enjoy soccer but haven’t played much recently to those who play regularly on intramural teams.  Even some professors came to support their languages, some as players and some just to enjoy the beautiful afternoon.  Everyone felt competitive during the game, but there was also an air of fun surrounding the whole afternoon.

Because of how the teams were divided, we jokingly mentioned that the last time Germany faced off against the rest of Europe, it didn’t really end so well.  Maybe we should have taken that as an omen, because the Romance Language team beat us by a large margin.  But I had fun playing soccer again for the first time in several years, and since I didn’t make any embarrassing mistakes, I counted the game as a win for myself.

After the game, most of the students and many of the faculty members expressed interesting in making the game, or even an MLLL intramural team, a long-term tradition.  I hope that it will be, and I look forward to participating in the next tournament!

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